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ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Samsung Saga SCH-I770 (Full Body)

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Samsung Saga SCH-I770Works, here comes the but, BUT, hard to apply, felt I needed to get it to wet which scared me about phone getting moisture which has happened to me with other phones. No matter how hard I tried there were still tiny bubbles under the shield. Eventually the rubber squeegee (which was nice)sort of caught (or snagged) the shield above the air bubble thus stretching it wrong and leaving a permanent blemish on the shield. Luckily near side so I can live with it. Also, the spray bottle only worked for a couple of pumps. Again, lucky I had another one. Lastly, the end result is not a clear smooth finish, instead it looks plastic, sort of looks like a display model at the store.

i called zagg and the rep said i have to pay $3.95 as shipping for the replacement of my samsung blackjack II shield. it does not make sense to me to pay $3.95 for replacement for a $11.95 product!!! i have bought three products from zagg, other two are shields for sony ericsson w810i phone and garmin 360 GPS. after using for a few months, my blackjack shield is looking awful now because of scratch and dirt absorbed although i carry phone in my pocket and take care of it pretty much. my question is when zagg cannot make a good product, why do they offer lifetime warranty when they ask for one-third of the purchase price during replacement? will never buy again from zagg.

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Logitech PC Headset 120 (Behind-the-Neck) w/ Microphone Black 980447-0914

Logitech PC Headset 120 w/ Microphone Black 980447-0914I have never written a review before, but I saw that this one had five stars and decided I had to say something. The product was good for listening to things, but I got it to Skype with my mother and the mic horribly picked up everything coming from the left speaker and every little move I made. I had to turn the volume of the headset down to nearly off and my laptop's sound to full blast in order to use it. Furthermore it lasted about a month of light use before it started making a clicking static sound the entire conversation. I also hated that the arm was in a fixed position at the side. You could bend the arm but it didn't rotate or anything and it was positioned a bit awkwardly for the way it sat on my head/ears. All in all I'm very disappointed in this Logitech item. They usually have such great products.

These are decent headsets that fit pretty well and sound great for the price. I like them the most for their 10ft cable /wire that allows you to skype or play games with an extra long cable so you aren't TETHERED so close to the computer. You can walk around while on a call or sit far from a large TV or monitor while playing a game.

Logitec needs to make more headsets with longer cables or lower the price of some of the wireless headsets.

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This little headset amazed me for a couple of reasons. First I was not really prepared for the quality of the sound from this thing. It's so full and loud..such quality sound I was not expecting as I had bought this mainly for voice recognition training of my computer, but it's great for have to hear it to believe it. Second, the price I paid for this set does not do the sound justice. I'm amazed they sell it at the low price they do. I am sold on these to be sure and I highly advise you will NOT be disappointed in buying this headset...PSthe mic works perfectly as well..I was so excited over the sound, I nearly forgot why I bought them in the first place!

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When I bought these, it was to use it for skype and other things. When I got them, I thought they were a little small. But I put them on and they fit perfectly. I'm surprised at the quality of these headphones. I've used others in the past such as CA, and Altec Lansing. They both were good but I like these just a little bit better. Not bad for the price either.

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This is a decent headset for the price and for what it is. Sound quality through the headphones is fine so long as you don't expect much bass. I've used the microphone to record the intros for my podcast and while it works well there is definately a bit of a hiss, in most uses you wouldn't notice. I've used one set for well over a year now and I'm pretty rough with it and it's still holding up nicely. If you are looking for something to use for Skype or the equivelant this works well.

Aidata TA002B Ergo Flex Phone Arm, Black

Aidata TA002B Ergo Flex Phone Arm, BlackThis phone pod is functional and is sold at a reasonable price, but it has its limitations.

It can be adjusted up and down, but the tilt angle cannot be adjusted, which I find restrictive.

Also, it is not very stiff and so it bounces when dialing numbers.

While I plan to keep using it, I will keep my eye out for something better.

I purchased this item to free up space on my desk at work. It was extremely easy to set up taking less than 10 minutes to complete. It is also well constructed and the arm will stay at any angle I put it at between the full up to full down position.

Before I had this, I was constantly fumbling over my phone and fussing with the chord to keep it out of the way. Now I just raise the arm up to get the phone out of my way and I have the extra space to spread out my work. When I need to use the phone, I just pull the arm down without having to clear the items I'm currently working on.

Several of my co-workers were so impressed with the system, that they went and purchased one for their desks.

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Epson WorkForce 845 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, iOS/Tablet/Smar

Epson WorkForce 845 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, iOS/Tablet/Smartphone/AirPrint CompatibleUPDATE BELOW

I have been using HP printers almost exclusively for over 20 years but my last three HP Printers have been getting progressively worse my last one the HP 6500A was an absolute piece of junk and I am pretty sure it will be my LAST HP product. After a few weeks of research on what printer to move to and considering several Canon, Brother and Epson products I decided that the Epson 845 was probably the printer for me and boy was I RIGHT! I've had this printer for a little over 6 weeks and this printer is AMAZING. I paid $199 and see it for $159 now...after using it I'd gladly pay $299.


Speedy this printer is much faster than the HP 6500 and the L7500 that I had before.

Print Quality I never print photos so I can't comment on that but for business (I work from home) it is great for Powerpoint presentations and contracts. The 2 sided printing is remarkably easy to use and actually works, something that never happened on the HP 6500.

Wireless I have a home office. I and my family all use this printer. I use it for work, my kids for school and college work. This printer joined my wifi nework effortlessly and has given me 0 trouble. Amazingly simpler than my previous HPs and it "warms up" in a fraction of the time my previous HP printers needed.

Mac Compatible I have 5 Macs that use this printer. Using HP products I had just accepted that getting printer drivers working on a Mac required carrying the printer around the house and plugging the printer into the Mac that needed to access it was just part of the "setup process". The Epson 845 was UNBELIEVABLY SIMPLE. All of my Macs (2 iMacs, Macbook Pro, 2 Macbook Airs) all saw the printer on my Wifi network and immediately started working with the printer. I have NEVER had a printer work so well with my Apple Products. It is both Snow Leopard AND Lion compatible.

Screen The instrument panel is amazing. It's HUGE, easy to see, very intuitive and actually folds away when not in use.

Copier Awesome! My HPs always made "dark" copies this one is almost perfect reproduction. Huge upgrade.

Low Points:

I only have a few items I'd improve on not really complaints but nothing is "perfect"

It's Big This is not a petite printer. I'm not sure how much they could shrink it and keep all the features but it is full figured.

The paper trays and paper guides feel flimsy. The printer is very light despite it's size but I am worried that I might break one of these trays or the paper guide that catches the paper as it comes out of the printer if I'm not careful. Hasn't happened but it does worry me. Not sure what you do if this happens.

Bottom line for a home / office printer, especially one shared wirelessly between multiple users this printer is an absolute DREAM! HP I'm never coming back.

UPDATE 18 June 2012

Still using and still LOVE this printer. It's been over 8 months and the Epson is still the best printer I've used in years. Reading other reviews and comments people have sent me there do seem to be two other "weak points" on this printer that I did not note above. I have NOT seen these issues but others are commenting on them. The weak points are 1) I guess you can't scan without hooking it to your computer with a cable. I don't do this I use a small Fuji Scansnap for receipts and such and an Epson V500 for photos. But if scanning is big for you this may be an issue. 2) Printing Pictures. Again I have NEVER done this. I send my pictures out to a service for printing (I use Apple) so I have no idea if it is a good photo printer or not.

PROs I just can't get over how well this printer works wirelessly. I would have thrown my HPs out years ago if I knew life could be this simple! I have NEVER had to reenter my wifi passwords or network settings. I did it once and that was it. Also my niece and some of my daughter's friends have needed to print here. It was incredibly simple for them to find, install the driver, and print from my printer once I gave them my wifi password.

Bottom Line I would buy this pinter again in a heartbeat!

I obtained this printer to replace my Canon PIXMA MP460 All-In-One Photo Printer (1449B002), which worked well enough, but didn't have faxing capabilities or other advanced features (such as networking).


The WorkForce 845 is a solid all-in-one device. Not only can it network (give multiple computers the ability to connect to it at the same time), but there are two different ways to do so. Ethernet (plugs directly into your router), and Wi-Fi (can wireless connect to the router to avoid lengthy/messy cords)--there is also the traditional USB option (which is generally used to hookup one computer). In an office environment, the capability to network is invaluable.

Ink vs. Toner alternatives:

Speaking of an office environment, EPSON boasts that this printer is a great alternative to laser printers. At the time of this review, it looks like ink replacements will cost around $70 (color and black). On a HP Laserjet CM1415FNW, the full toner kit currently costs $254.99. I did come across a third-party toner set for $84.90 (Remanufactured, I believe) which is closer to the price range of the WorkForce 845's inkjet cartridges. Though met with mixed reviews, the cheaper toner for the HP boasts 2,000 pages for black and 1,300 for color. Whereas the black cartridge for the WorkForce reports a maximum yield of 940 pages with each color cartridge lasting up to 755 pages. Doing the math, the cheaper toner goes further than the inkjet, so the 40% printing savings could be considered a bit skewed when comparing all options. It also means you need to replace the cartridges sooner, which, in a larger office environment, can be a pain.

Something else to consider is that ink smudges when wet, toner does not.

In line with annoyances are inkjet printer heads. One of the reasons I previously bought the Canon Pixma MP460 was because the heads were built into the ink cartridges. That way, if they went bad, I just needed to replace the ink. As a former IT Professional (at a 50+ employee office), I replaced way too many EPSONs because the heads went bad. Unfortunately, like them, the WorkForce 845 has the heads built into the printer, not the cartridges, so the life of the printer is a slight concern for me (with the current cost of printers, it's not worth paying to have them repaired).

Paper handling:

There are two paper trays. They hold a combined 500 sheets--way more than my old Canon Pixma MP460. You can see how much paper is in each tray without opening them, which is nice.

The size paper that the top tray can hold is LTR, A4, 8x10", A5, 5x7", 4x6" (Photo Paper), 3.5x5", and No.10 & C6 (Envelopes). The bottom tray (tray 2) can only hold LTR, A4, and B5. There's no manual feed for printer paper, but there's a manual feed for faxing, copying, and scanning. The size paper allowed for the feed is A4 and LTR/LGL. I like how the feed flap can be closed to keep the dust out when not in use (and it makes the printer look sharp, too).

Printing Photos:

There was no photo printing software included on the install CD (like the Canon Pixma MP460 had). With Microsoft Window's default picture viewer being very limited [when it comes to printing options], a third-party program is a must (particularly when printing a 4x6 borderless photograph). After hitting up Google, I found where to download EPSON's "Easy Photo Print" software and installed it (for free--though, it would have been nice for them to have included this on the CD). Unfortunately, after installing, I was only given the option to print in A4 and Letter on the WorkForce 845, not 4x6. So I gave up on that software and went to Photoshop.

Photoshop allowed me to select the first tray (which is the only tray that can hold 4x6 photo paper--I set tray 2 as the default and loaded it with standard 8.5x11 so that my normal printing wouldn't conflict with my photo printing) and I was able to print borderless without any hiccups. That said, doing one image at a time in Photoshop is way too tedious (and not everyone has a copy of the $700 program. I'm sure there are other free software options out there that would work (like, perhaps, Picasa), but by this time I was done installing programs).

Plugging in devices to the printer:

That, and, I found an even easier way to print photos to the WorkForce 845. Taking a chance, I plugged in my MyTouch 4G phone directly to the USB port [on the printer] thinking that it was long shot for the two devices to speak the same language. Surprisingly, they did! The WorkForce 845 detected the photos on my phone right away. From there it let me select which ones I wanted to print (it actually showed me the full, color photo on the printer screen, too), as well as provided me with some proofing options such as fix red-eye, sharpness, saturation, contrast and brightness. Once I had the image how I wanted it, I simply clicked the print button and presto, it printed on the Photo Paper.

By bypassing the PC, it saved the need for extra software. You can also plug in a Digital Camera, Flash Drive or SD card. Pretty slick. (There are options for xD, MS PRO, and CF too.)

Included Software:

It comes with the drivers (of course), and ABBY FineReader for quick scanning and saving to Word, PDF, Excel, direct to email, etc., which also has an OCR feature (for converting images/scans to editable type). There's also a FAX utility, Event Manager, and software for quick and easy scanning. You will, however, want another program for printing photos from a computer (as mentioned above).


Overall, I'm quite happy with this printer. It has all the features I want and looks good too. I particularly like how the display is touch sensitive and can swivel up for ease of use. Installing the software was fairly simple and it even checks the Internet to see if there's a new firmware update (which there was in my case, and it installed it for me). I do worry about the longevity (as mentioned due to the printer heads), but the price is low enough that I can just replace it if need be (technically, it's the price of ink, not hardware, that ultimately defines overall cost). I'm not entirely convinced that an inkjet alternative is better than using a toner-based printer, but, that said, I do think this printer is a great option for home offices (or very small business). Midsized to large business should really look into something higher-end.

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Epson WorkForce 845 Hands-on-Review

I just purchased and setup an Epson Workforce 845, and couldn't be happier with its speed, features, and overall value. In fact, I was surprised by the price on $199.95 when I purchased it--because I'm sure I paid more last year for the previous model Epson Workforce 840. That Workforce 840 quickly became the main inkjet printer in my home office, replacing two printers from HP and Canon that were once wired via USB to separate computers, and always running out of ink or needing cleaning. In addition to similar speed and high capacity paper trays and ink cartridges shared by the 840 and 845, wireless connectivity is another key reason I purchased the new 845, which has even more wireless features. With the 840, I was able to "cut the cords" at home, and since then my three teenagers and wife have been printing out their homework and email on the 840 using everything from their laptops to their iPhones.

This time, I got the Workforce 845 just to handle my projects in my office--although when my kids find out they can send me print jobs via the internet using the new Epson Connect feature I'm sure that's what they'll do when we run out of paper or ink on the home Workforce 840. Since I'm running a new service business in my area, I needed a printer like the Workforce 845 to print up lots of flyers, handouts, and mailings. Without a doubt, the incredibly fast printing speeds on the Workforce 845 and its dual paper trays (with up to 500 sheet capacity) are going to save me time, while its duplex printing capability will save me money on paper supplies.

Ok, I admit I'm one of those guys that stick flyers and coupons in your mailbox, in store windows, and on your car's windshield. In my line of work, doing so brings helps to bring in a lot of business, and that's one of the reasons I specifically chose the Workforce models and their DuraBrite inks. There's nothing worse than watching my outdoor flyers turn to unreadable, abstract art when it rains--which I often experienced with flyers I made with my old HP and Canon printers. But the black and color inks on posters and flyers made with the Workforce 840 and 845 appear to be waterproof, and even a hard rain doesn't wreck them. More likely the rainwater will cause the paper to degrade long before the inks.

As for print quality, even at its fast default settings, text is very readable on Workforce 845, with high contrast and good detail. I rarely use it to make photo prints, but occasionally family members use it to make prints directly from their digital camera memory cards on glossy 4x6 paper or on plain paper (the memory card slots handle every type of card we have except for the micro-SD cards in our camera phones, which require an SD adapter). The large 3.5-inch color preview monitor on the printer also makes it easy to adjust photos before printing, or select menu items, quality controls, and utility settings. And unlike full-page photo prints made on plain paper with other brands I've owned, the Epson prints are instant dry, and don't buckle up the paper with extra moisture.

Other features that I've found to be well above average on the Workforce 845 are its fast, full-featured flatbed scanner (which rivals many stand-alone scanners for speed, quality, and advanced controls--but doesn't ship with film holders!) and its related copy speed and quality. The auto document feeder has never jammed on the 840, and it appears to be the exact same mechanism on the 845. The fact that I can operate the printer, scanner, copier, and even the fax from a wifi-connected computer is also pretty amazing.

With the 840's wifi, I also found it easy to print email and other documents from my iPad 2, but was bummed that I couldn't do the same with my Droid Incredible phone. Now the latest versions of Epson's free iPrint app is available for both Apple and Droid operating systems. These allow you to adjust and crop photos if desired, while Epson's Email Print lets you use any wireless computer, phone, or tablet to send documents and photos to the printer's Internet address.

The only features I'd like to see improved (besides including film holders for the flatbed as mentioned) are the size and capacity of the ink cartridges. I think a printer destined for office use, and sporting a 500 sheet tray, should come with larger capacity ink cartridges than the Extra-high capacity cartridges available for the 845. That way I'd get a break on ink costs over time. But I've got to give Epson credit for including a set of the Extra-High Capacity 127 inks in the printer box, and not skimping on the normal capacity 126 inks or even partially-filled starter inks like those found in other manufacturer's printer boxes.

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After my HP OfficeJet died after 6 1/2 years, I began doing an in-depth analysis of all mid-range All-In-Ones multi-function printers that met my wish list. There was a tie between the Epson Workforce 875, the Canon Pixma line of AIO's, and the HP AIO's. I decided to go with the Epson because of the features, the reviews, and the price. It's only been 4 hours but I've decided to return it.

The first thing I noticed when I played with the print settings is that the Fast Economy and Economy print quality is so poor that you have to print in Normal mode just to have text you can actually read. On those 1st two modes, the print came out jagged and letters weren't filled in all the way. I even changed out the paper to see if it printed any better it didn't.

I then downloaded the Epson i-Print app for my iPhone and printed a picture taken with my new iPhone. I put premium glossy photo paper in the printer and printed five different ways and the pictures came out muddy and with horizontal and vertical lines. There's no way it could compare to the prints I order from an online digital print company like Shutterfly.

Epson online support advises that users running Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 that wish to use the SCAN BUTTON on the front of the printer MUST connect to the printer with a USB cable. The whole entire Epson Scan software does NOT work with Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7. (I guess it defeats the whole idea of wireless scanning). Furthermore, the ABBEY FineReader software that is included that converts scanned documents to Editable Text (OCR) is not supported on Mac OS X 10.7 either, contrary to the manufacturer's representations.

Want Epson WorkForce 845 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, iOS/Tablet/Smar Discount?

Not a bad printer except that black and white printing uses all of the color ink cartridges. Epson claims this is a feature to help 'render the blackest blacks'. There is no way to set the printer to print grey scale only.

This feature sucks up expensive color inks even when just printing black and white. When a color cartridge goes dry the printer stops working until you replace the $25 cartridge.

In the year I've owned this I've replaced every color cartridge at least twice but never the black cartridge. This is more than 1 a month. I've printed fewer than 15 pages in color.

Canon has a grey scale setting that just uses black ink. Buy that or something like it

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iLuv iMM747 Audio Cube Hi-Fidelity Speaker Dock for the New Apple iPad -3G / iPad 2 WiFi / 3G Model

iLuv iMM747 Audio Cube Hi-Fidelity Speaker Dock for the New Apple iPad -3G / iPad 2 WiFi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB NEWEST Model for Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and iPod Touch -BlackI was hesitatant to buy these speakers because they only had one review. Boy, am I glad i got them. They are amazing. I have a Bose wave, and both my husband and I think that the quality is just as good. If you are looking for a great pair of speakers at a great price, this is the one you want!

This is the first Apple dock I have bought. It works great with our family's iPods, iTouch, iPad and even our iPhone4's. Recharges the devices as well as plays music. Controls are simple, with only 5 buttons + on/off on the front. Just what you need and no more. It's size is the same just big enough for an iPad + 2 small speakers, and no more. (I love electronics with space-efficient design). Sound is excellent for such small speakers. I'm definitely ordering at least one more after Christmas.

Buy iLuv iMM747 Audio Cube Hi-Fidelity Speaker Dock for the New Apple iPad -3G / iPad 2 WiFi / 3G Model Now

So here I am, opening about the 5th set of speakers designed for iPod and Iphones. And who would have guessed? Up pops the message about compatibility with the iPhone, this time with a slight twist. The message said something about not being optimized for use with the iphone. So, it turns out not to be the ideal solution I was waiting for. But I'm tired of returning these things, so on the shelf it will stay. A glorified charger is essentially what it is.

But it has nice sound. It doesn't come with a handful of adapters like most. It stays in place by a unique sliding backplate, thjat seems to keep the iP### solid and secure.

Haven't tried the feature of plugging it directly into a PC and have it sync with iTunes from its spot on the dock.

So, although it's lacking some nice features, like an alarm clock, you can use a free app to display the time and set an alarm.

It does sound rather nice at reasonable volumes, and the controls are visible, which I couldn't say about the Altec Lansing that got sent back. Altec Lansing inMotion Max IMT702 Speaker System for iPod and iPhone (Black).

So I give it an average rating with an extra star for sound quality, and maybe a star for being closer to what

i wanted than so many other, and maybe half a star for the lack of PITA adapters. It fits with a case or cover on the phone.

The end result: sounds good with decent bass; attractive design, easy to fit multiple iPods with or without case, and usable controls, with no remote to lose.

I am pleased but certainly not overwhelmed with joy over this purchase. Tunes from Chris Botti and Michael Buble are smooth and easy to listen to. Worth $100, no, but acceptable for $80 in a GB deal. Overall I approve of this purchase.

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This is by far the best product I have used for the iPhone. It's has the best sounding speakers for such an off-brand. The fidelity is almost like the Bose Wave radio. This is a simple device that has power, volume and charging. It has a sync USB pass through also if you want to use it with a computer, and it has an Aux in if you want to add another audio device like a stero or CD player to it. It has a free iphone app that is bug free (unlike the iHome) I love the iphone app its just awesome. I can't say enough about this. I plugged in an iphone 4, 3g, 3gs, iPad, and 1st Gen touch and all worked great and the app did too. Buy this for a great gift. You will not regret it. ILUV IT!!!

Want iLuv iMM747 Audio Cube Hi-Fidelity Speaker Dock for the New Apple iPad -3G / iPad 2 WiFi / 3G Model Discount?

After getting ipad 2 wanted to get a sound system for all the music we added-and the one

on the APPLE site was a bit too expensive (or so we thought) got this...was excited as it was

pretty lightweight/compact...hooked it up-immediately you'll notice is a pain in the backside to

plug it in (every time you have to struggle to get it hooked up and be so very very careful)-the sound

wasn't that bad when it stayed on. We used it two times for a few minutes each and it kept cutting out...the third time it just didn't work-period. Didn't even

turn on. Save your money and go for a little more quality which we should have done in the first place. You

shouldn't have to BATTLE the connections every single time you put it on there and believe me you will. Its extremely fragile.

We are returning it in the morning since it doesn't work at all-expensive JUNK sad to say. Going back to the

APPLE site and hope we can find something else since Amazon isn't offering much else right now.

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Okidata Microline 320 Turbo 9-Pin Impact Printer

Okidata Microline 320 Turbo 9-Pin Impact PrinterThe Okidata 320 Turbo works great except for the form tear-off. However, the main use for this printer is printing invoices. Without the form tear-off option, the printer is worthless for printing invoices. The form tear-off seems to have started failing at a high rate within the last couple of years. It usually lasts long enough so that the printer is out of warranty. Calling Okidata support and getting a straight answer about what is wrong is a exercise in futility. They assume that you can't figure out how to set it up. Your options are quite simple. Spend the money for a new 320 or buy an Epson.


Buy Okidata Microline 320 Turbo 9-Pin Impact Printer Now

I've bought 6 of these units now. They get consistent heavy use and hold up fairly well considering. Will continue to buy them. They last me about 3 years before they die. This isn't bad for the abuse we put them through.

The setup programming is a real chore and I have to re-learn the process every time I set up a new one.

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Been buying these for years for our customers. A proven workhorse for those needing an impact printer. Customer support, although rarely needed, is excellent. It's really an industry standard.

Want Okidata Microline 320 Turbo 9-Pin Impact Printer Discount?

Our 320 died after at least 10 years of daily use and I was so happy to find another on Didnt need to fiddle with any settings or print drivers. Just plugged it in and back to business. OOh yeah!

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Protective Decal Skin Sticker for Verizon Motorola Droid Razr MAXX (ONLY fit "MAXX" version) case c

Protective Decal Skin Sticker for Verizon Motorola Droid Razr MAXX case cover DrazrMAXX-284This phone decal is nice and I like it. The wallpaper is a little complicated to get downloaded and doesn't really line up that well with the sticker.