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HP Envy dv6-7245us 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) Windows 8 / 3.2 GHz AMD Quad Core A10-4600M Processor /

HP Envy dv6-7245us 15.6-Inch Laptop Windows 8 / 3.2 GHz AMD Quad Core A10-4600M Processor / 640 GB Hard Drive / 6 GB DDR3 RAM / USB 3.0 / HDMI / Bluetooth / 802.11b/g/n WiFiI picked up this laptop from a local computer store, and I'm loving it so far, the advertised 4 speakers (5 if you include the subwoofer) sounds better tan all my other laptops, maybe it's the beats speakers, or the subwoofers.

I didn't see the finger print reader, so that was a real plus, the hp fingerprint software is fast and easy to use, no problems so far.

The core runs at 1400mhz idle, 2300mhz with a decent workload, and 3100mhz with turbo core/turboboost, it's a A10, which means its a quad core


A10-4600 APU

radeon 7660g APU 3GB dedicated memory

(note that the core and gpu are combined (APU)

6GB (4+2gb) DDR3 1600mhz (PC3-12800) 2 slot

Expandable to 16 gb (2x8gb)

1366x768 (720p hd) screen

640gb 5400rpm HDD

12.7" Sata II DVD (kind of flimsy, convinced me to give it 4/5)

Replaceable with universal 12.7mm caddy (google it)

Full size keyboard, island style (not backlit)

I belive a 720p HD webcam

Dual mics

Power2go 8 included


To disable fn keys: settings>change of settings>general>advanced startup, you can acess the bios from there (yess, windows 8 has a bios, it's just well hidden)

Can't connect to network, disable and reanble the wifi adapter va network and shavings center, there seems to be a glitch

Simply the best computer to get your schoolwork and gaming done in. I purchased this because as a college student things get demanding sometimes and every once in a while you get bored so this is where this baby does the job!

Buy HP Envy dv6-7245us 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) Windows 8 / 3.2 GHz AMD Quad Core A10-4600M Processor / Now

If you need maximum power for a low price this is the way to go. gets schoolwork and gaming done right quick. With the quad core processor you play almost all new games and windows 8 makes it even better.

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Really fast start-up, had it up and running in a few hours. Windows 8 takes some getting used to, but I got the hang of it in 1 use.

Want HP Envy dv6-7245us 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) Windows 8 / 3.2 GHz AMD Quad Core A10-4600M Processor / Discount?

I was under the impression that this was touch screen enabled and it is not. Not a deal breaker, but to use the full functionality of windows 8 you need a touch screen. Sure, it is possible to use W8 without a touchscreen, just not ideal. Other than that it is great. I was trying to determine before I bought if the screen was touchscreen enabled, but it wasn't clear.

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Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC

Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PCNorton woke-up in 2009/10 making the interface user-friendly and its signature updates running in the background making the software less resource-hogging. It's continuing the same trend this year (NIS2012) with a little less cluttered interface meaning most features automated for the novice user, but you have to dig in deep to make advanced changes. It works well with Windows7 as well as Win XP if you care (I don't have Vista so cannot comment about that).

1. Installation: As in the recent versions of NIS, installation was a snap. It took under 2 minutes, but needed a restart. If you have existing license for NIS, download the update from support -> check for new version menu item from within NIS. You can update the license number from the disk later when your license is about to expire. In previous version(s), NIS overwrote existing license period if you upgraded from disk. I havent checked it on this version (I still have about 90 days left, too risky!!).

2. Interface: The main interface is less cluttered, but a new addition is a big status window (floating gadget) on the upper right corner of your screen with large buttons for different menus. Most buttons on these menus are for other Norton products unrelated to NIS (annoying). For example button for on-line back-up (costs extra!) or mobile protection for android (free), parental control (free) etc. I havent found an easy way to get rid of this yet! (Alright! It's easy. There is a close button next to it and if you close it, it does not reappear after a restart).

3. Setting up: Most of the settings are done by default and should be fine for the average user. For example how often to scan your computer, what time of the day, which files to allow to connect to the internet etc. If you need advanced settings, most of those are just a couple of clicks away and mostly easy to find. There are some menu items that could have been done better. If you had existing trusted network information from previous NIS, those are retained which is good.

4. Security: As in previous versions, NIS was good at detecting most of the commonly bothering cookies and adware. Everytime you download a file, it is checked for viruses and if it is from a trusted website and there is a pop-up saying it is clean. Similarly, like previous versions, Norton safe search marks results from google searches as safe or not. you can check website security by looking for norton trusted symbol e.g. bank sites or that way you wont enter your password in a phising site.

5. What's new? Like mentioned above the annoying floating gadget is new. The primary interface is less cluttered but at the same time advanced settings are easily accessible from different menus. The new version does appear to be a little faster than 2011. might be significant on older systems.

Overall, very good protection with minimal resource usage.

This version appears to build upon the 2011 version. A simplified user interface masks an upgraded version of the 2011 interface. The user can now select to either have the simpler interface appear when opening up the Norton product, allowing for easy access to launch scans or for checking on/running live updates or otherwise one can set the product to regularly open up to the more advanced interface, displaying a revival of CPU and Norton usage meters, along with a trust level meter displaying the amount of files currently trusted by Norton that are on the computer after a reputation scan has been executed and also in conjunction to what setting one has selected beforehand for computer scanning purposes. The product appears to function well, with no real noticable slowdown in performance from the previous version thus continuing on with Norton's lighter footprint design and improvements which were introduced with the 2009 versions of Nortons. Quick scans are now automatically launched by the suite during new update periods and run daily on their own. The quickscans supposedly have now been improved upon to create a more thorough scan than on previous versions, while also offering improved upon rootkit scanning. Also, Norton's Sonar has been improved, along with the Insight Database, allowing NIS 2012 to provide a solid multiple layered level of protection/defense to the user. In addition, the firewall remains excellent, along with the anti-spam. With all of this said, it is important to realize and understand that no security suite will ever provide 100% protection to the user. Using common sense while online is of paramount importance. However, if one desires to have among the best protection currently available in a security suite for 2012, then in my opinion NIS 2012 is an excellent choice. It was again chosen as Editor's Choice by PC magazine out of the new 2012 internet security suites, and in my opinion it was chosen that for good reason.

Buy Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC Now

I bought this because the 1 year sub was up on 2011 and I was able to get 2012 for cheaper than sub for another year for the 2011 version.

Install was easy but I don't see much of a difference in what 2012 offers than what 2011 had. There are a few things I don't like about 2012:

1. It scans my system a lot slower.

2. No option to totally turn off autoupdate like you could in 2011. Can turn off auto but pulse updates turn on then and gets greyed out so there is no way to have them both be off at the same time. I like to update it manually liked I did 2011 but can't now.

3. No way to turn off quick scans like you could in 2011.

4. Seems to load slower at start up when set to "aggresive" but 2011 started right away.

5. When you click on settings or any of the options the software takes longer to respond. At first I didn't think I had clicked right and tried again but it took a few seconds to respond. Future tries have the same results.

6. Constantly bugs you to sign into your norton account if you click on update and then the page has script errors and no way to turn this off. Only option is to sign or click remind me later which takes several tries and the first click on remind me later doesn't make it go away and instead just refreshes the page again.

Other than these issues it works but wish I had stayed with 2011.

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I was just about to purchase this same exact software, but without the cd download only, on Symantec's Norton site. They wanted what seemed like a fortune no price breaks for current customers. I ALMOST bought it, but thought I'd check Amazon first. What do you know? They have the cd version for almost half the price of Norton's online. This will allow me to install on the 3 pc's it covers without having to download it. Just a note: the download window from Norton online has an expiration, after which you are just out of luck. With the cd, you can reinstall at any time without a problem. Go Amazon!

Want Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC Discount?

Years ago Norton Security was a bloated, over-priced security suite that deserved the universal scorn heaped upon it. But times have changed, and in recent years Norton has slimmed down, gotten in shape, and won back the respect of security professionals industry-wide. Check out NIS reviews at PC magazine and elsewhere to read up on it yourself.

I upgraded from 2010 to 2011, and from 2011 to 2012. I have yet to regret it as the software does exactly what it should: provide a highly secure firewall, and expert antivirus protection, in a practically transparent manner to the end user. I don't even tweak with the settings anymore the software recogizes common software programs and selects the appropriate settings. It updates itself automatically. It scans automatically. You can be as involved in this process as much, or as little, as you choose. Which is how it should be. For those of you who still don't secure your computer? Well, the cost of fixing your credit rating, paying for a monitoring service to look out for unauthorized credit checks and card accounts, and your overall loss of sleep if your identity is compromised is far more than the cost of this software. Think of like insurance we hate to pay the premium, but we are pretty happy when we need the coverage. And, now that a single license covers three computers, this software is even more of a no-brainer.

If you are renewing an existing subscription, like NIS 2011, keep this in mind: when you select "check for new version" or install a new retail NIS 2012 disk, you are NOT adding to your current subscription. You instead are purchasing a new subscription for coverage for another year. I upgraded my NIS 2011 to 2012 thinking my "remaining subscription days" would remain the same. I lost a few days, but no big deal because I was near the end of my subscription anyway. But if you have days remaining, wait to install the 2012 disk software or upgrade until your existing subscription is almost or completely gone. Otherwise, you will have your subscription clock "reset" to 366 days remaining, meaning you won't see your previous "days remaining" added to the new subscription period. It just resets it because it is a new subscription. Only if you renew your existing license through the software itself will you see your remaining days added, but that is a far more expensive route than buying a new license/key through Amazon.

Good luck and stay secure.

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Amazon Kindle Executive Deluxe Leather Case Fits Amazon Kindle 6" + Screen Protector Kit + Car Char

Amazon Kindle Executive Deluxe Leather Case Fits Amazon Kindle 6' + Screen Protector Kit + Car Charger + Wall Charger for Amazon Kindle 6'I wanted a secure holder for my Kindle and this fits the bill. It has handles so you can carry it unzipped and not have the kindle fall out. The only thing that would have been better was if there was a space in the holder for the recharging cord. But, it is a slim, attractive case, easy to carry and holds the Kindle securely.

This is a perfect case for the Kindle. I've been using it at home and on the go and it works well. Sleek and event fits in my laptop case.

Buy Amazon Kindle Executive Deluxe Leather Case Fits Amazon Kindle 6" + Screen Protector Kit + Car Char Now

Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Card for Sony Ericsson K610 K750 K770i K800 W580 W710 W810 W850 W

Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Card for Sony Ericsson K610 K750 K770i K800 W580 W710 W810 W850 W880 W890 Z530 Z550 Z610 Z710 Z750a Z900I bought the Sandisk Memory Stick M2 to work with my Sony/Ericsson w580 Cell Phone to hold music clips and other media files. The 4 GB of space is plenty of room to hold a great deal of files. Complete with adapter. Compared with Sony's own brand of Memory Stick the Sandisk seems to run much faster and is less expensive. Great price, great product from a trusted name.

the price was good. an sd adapter card would have been nice. it came with a sms adapter... i purchased a usb cable as it is more useful for various phone functions than a card reader.

Buy Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Card for Sony Ericsson K610 K750 K770i K800 W580 W710 W810 W850 W Now



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I ordered this product because the ad said it's compatible with the W810i, and happily received it within only two days of placing the order. But, is it supposed to come with an adapter or something, because it's much too small for the slot on my W810i, which holds a Memory Stick Duo. The Micro is about one-third the size of the Duo. Can't figure out why the ad lists the W810i as a supported device.

Want Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Card for Sony Ericsson K610 K750 K770i K800 W580 W710 W810 W850 W Discount?

I bought this to use in my Sony Ericsson W580i Jungle Green Phone (AT&T), and I couldn't be happier. Wow. 4GB of storage, and I've used it for photos, video, and audio with great results.

My main reason for purchasing the extra memory was to be able to carry around the review/refresher/practice CDs (rendered into .mp4s) I obtained with Rosetta Stone V3: German, Level 1, 2 & 3, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Slap it into the card reader that comes with it and then into your computer, and read/write times are a flash. VERY happy with this product, and I saved more than half price -compare Sony 4 GB Memory Stick Micro! Go SANDISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five Stars PLUS!

ZyXEL 500 MB/s Fast Ethernet Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter, Starter Kit - 2 Units (PLA4211KIT)

ZyXEL 500 MB/s Fast Ethernet Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter, Starter Kit - 2 UnitsAt first I thought the cost of a pair of these was a pretty pricy option, but considering the cost of adding in-the=-wall wiring, plugs and wall plates, it's cheap and versitile. They work very well and the data transfer performance is excellent. If you're looking for a way to get wired data from a router to any device, I recommend it. I used it to connect my Samsung Smart Home Theater to the internet. They have wi-fi, but you have to pay a high price for a Panasonic wi-fi adapter. I tried all the top USB wireless devices and it wouldn't recognize them. The ZySEL 500 solved the problem by making it wireless and gave me plenty of flexibility.

These little devices are amazing! Plug one into the wall, wire it up to the router, plug the other in, wire it where you wish, and you're done! It takes a while (a few hours or so) for them to reach full speeds. When they first connected I ran speed tests and they maxed around 2 MB/s, but after a few hours they easily hit 22 MB/s (the max speed of our internet) and I'm sure they were communicating at much higher speeds.

The software packaged with them is nothing short of terrible to install. If you get errors about WinPCap, just Google that name and download the latest version. That should solve the problem and let you continue the install. Once running, the software lets you interface with the devices for more advanced functions, but that is not a requirement. The software is also Windows specific. This clunky software is not enough to make me mark down from 5 stars though, they're really great things to have.

Buy ZyXEL 500 MB/s Fast Ethernet Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter, Starter Kit - 2 Units (PLA4211KIT) Now

Super easy to install and does the job great!!! Faster than Wifi. Was able to directly connect my Dish reveiver with no additional setup...

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I bought these because I live in a two-story house where the modem and router are required to be downstairs. I have tried several wireless solutions but there was too much interference and no wireless adapters could maintain a stable connection or achieve full speed (60Mbps down, 25up). I thought that these would solve the problem but it appears that even for the powerline adapters it is not close enough to get full speed--I get half speed (~30mbps down but 20up). Of course I'm disappointed, but I mean I guess this is all I can do for now without having to run ethernet cables all over the place...

[edit] +1 star because it seems that the problem is on my end. My gaming computer is a power hog and I was using an outlet connected to/near it so the information was being slowed down. So the real problem is finding an outlet that does not have too much interference/noise. But even with the interference, this is much better than wireless. I do get full speed without interference (tested by leaving nothing but a laptop and the adapter turned on.) So if you are wanting this for a intensive electrical area, I would recommend the models with noise filters instead (the ones with AC pass-through).

Want ZyXEL 500 MB/s Fast Ethernet Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter, Starter Kit - 2 Units (PLA4211KIT) Discount?

I have tried a few brands and models of this product and this was simply just plug and play so to speak. It just worked by plugging it in and hitting the connect button.

Wish all products were this easy

Additionally, I am getting a throughput of around 75 mbps. Which is way faster than wireless can actually obtain, regardless of their claims.

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Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001

Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001Your Prayers Have Been Answered!

OK, this story dates back about two years or at least it feels that long. I have a long ranch style home and Comcast cable with a router. My issue has always been getting one of our three Xbox consoles to connect and all three from getting kicked off periodically. Needless to say, the one console that has a hard time connecting is the farthest away from the router. I would say it is 60 to 70 feet away and up stairs. So let's go through the check list of things I purchased that did not work:

Routers -

Linksys G, Linksys G MaxRange, and Linksys N routers.

Belkin N+N Dual Band

Same problem. Bad of no connection to Xbox Live.

And yes, I purchased the new Xbox N adapter and it improved the signal but it did not fix the problem.

What a failed to tell you is that about 1 month into the problem a guy at Best Buy told me about the PowerLine adapters that use the wiring in your home to send your network connection to any outlet where you plug in a second PowerLine adapter and connect something to your network. At the time, it was over $100 and it sounded like crazy talk, so I dismissed the idea. Stupid of me bigtime.

Yes, you guessed it. After months of sitting up late reading, trying this and trying that, talking to dang technical support reps. from third world countries that have no clue how to speak English, I finally went back and purchased the PowerLine adapter.

Before I tell you how that went, one more major deal I learned along the way. Attention Comcast about a free N router newsflash?

If you are a Comcast customer and you are using a Comcast Modem which you are charged $5 a month for like it or not, it comes with a Netgear N wireless router at no additional cost. You heard me, no additional cost. The old billing system was that Comcast charged $3 a month for the modem and $2 a month for the router. Now you are charged $5 for the modem period and it is up to you to figure out that you also get a Netgear N router at no additional cost. Isn't it funny how Comcast does not volunteer that information? No telling how many folks have gone out and purchased a router when they were already renting one from Comcast but not getting it.

OK, back to my story.

So I go home with my long overdue purchase of the PowerLine adapter. (For just $79 now.) In the box was two adapters and two Ethernet cords. They are interchangeable. I plug one into the outlet close to my FREE Netgear router from Comcast and connect the Ethernet cord from the PowerLine adapter to one of the four ports in the back of my FREE Netgear router. Then I walked upstairs and to the other end of my house to the problem Xbox and unhook the piece-of-poo Xbox N Adapter from the back of the Xbox. I took the second PowerLine adapter and plug it into the electrical outlet close to the Xbox and then connect the Ethernet cord from the Xbox to the Powerline adapter I has just plugged into the wall outlet and the lights on the PowerLine adapter came on. I am thinking that that time.....NO, it can't be connected. No way, not after all these months of trying to figure this out. My son, quickly turns on the Xbox, goes to the connection set-up screen and what did it say? Xbox Live us up and running! Hallelujah! No weak bars of signal, it was not connecting and disconnecting, that baby was direct connected via a wireless signal being sent through the power lines in my house. He quickly cranked up Modern Warefare 2 and the rest is history. Online playing bliss. No more, Dad, the Xbox kicked me off again. No more spelling my name out to a person that does not understand English. It just works.

Let my pain be your gain. Go get yours and enjoy.

OK. So I bought 4 of these for Christmas ostensibly to plug in my kid's XBox, but also to connect our 2 DirecTV receivers.

These worked great out of the box. However, today there is weather & some issues popped up just so everyone is aware.

These will work if plugged in near your electrical devices. However, if there is "noise" (meaning you plug it in the same outlet near your big screen TV, surround sound, etc.) it won't receive data (thinks you're not connected to the internet). They were working fine until today when "noise" interference knocked them out. Best advice is buy yourself a long ethernet cord if you have to & plug it in away from rest of appliances.

Download speeds are MORE than fast enough IF you have 1 plugged into your router and 1 receiving. Once you go up to 2 or 3, they slow down, not ALTOGETHER, but streaming media becomes "wait for it to finish" before watching. Like today, for the 1st time, I reset my wireless network & once I only had 1 plugged in, I downloaded an episode of iCarly on demand for my daughter & it finished in < 1 min. Once I had all 3 plugged in again, it took closer to 5 min's.

Be careful when devices tell you to "reboot" your router. My 15 yr old was told to do this by his XBox. Unfortunately, that was the LAST thing he should've done. It took me several hours to get the router back on-line (discovered that once he rebooted, I needed to reset the security key otherwise, no internet, no devices, no nothing). These things SHOULD be plug & play. If you have all 3 lights on, they're working don't reset / reboot things.

Otherwise, we're back on line.

So, my advice is if you want "streaming", plugging in 1 of these will do the trick. Otherwise, pay more for faster devices.

And, if you use one of these things, make sure it's plugged into an outlet that ISN'T the same one as your TV, sound, etc.


Buy Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001 Now

I agree with a previous reviewer that this was literally easier to set up than it was to take out of the box. Just plug it in to your router, and then plug into your wall. No cd's that don't work with Mac. No 1800 support line in India. It just works. We use this with both a PC and a MAC, with a Linksys Router. Signal issues, no more! I highly recommend this product!

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I got two pairs of these adapters to upgrade the networking in my house. Had previously been using the Panasonic HD-PLC units, but they were slower and I couldn't find more of them. The Netgear units started working together IMMEDIATELY as soon as two of them were plugged in took less than 3 seconds for them to find each other. I now have one in my office upstairs (where the router and cable modem are), one in the living room (which serves our wireless access point, our Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii), one in my wife's room for her desktop, and one in the garage for a special-project computer. The living room node is the only one that's given us any trouble it's a noisy circuit with our multiple game systems and wi-fi access point running on it, so network speed is a little slower there. Still plenty fast for streaming video and playing games online, and much more reliable than the older Panasonic models.

The Netgear units are compact and fit neatly into a wall socket, leaving the other socket free. The plug is non-polarized, so the unit will work both upside-down and right-side-up. It also runs nice and cool.

Want Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001 Discount?

Fast Fast Fast! I bought this to use on my directv DVR, the download speeds are awsome! also now use it for hooking up the rest of my computers in the house. cable modem with cable modem speeds!

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Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue / Overcast)

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover for Apple iPhone 5I purchased this locally, and for a bit more money, because I wanted something now for my new phone. I was a little leery of how it might fit seeing as it was out by the release date, but it fits perfectly. Everything that should be covered is, and the cutouts for everything else, except the back camera lens area, are perfect. The camera lens cut out is a little wide, but I would rather have that than too close and have it get in the way. All the manual buttons are easy to work with using this cover. The mute switch might be a little too recessed for the fingernail challenged, but it's also not going to get switched by accident. In addition, this cover does NOT interfere with screen interaction and it fits snugly around the phone so I don't have to worry about dirt and dust getting inside.

I really like how the back is sheer so that you can see the apple logo and information clearly. I also like that the front has a small lip over the top of the iPhone which gives extra protection to the screen and edge. I will still use a screen protector, but I like the lip protecting that edge.

The sides or "bumper" part of this cover are a bit more substantial than the back which hopefully will offer more protection if the phone lands on the edge. But the entire cover is slim and does not add a lot of weight or width to your phone. I know that the iPhone 5 is supposedly more rugged than ever, but I just feel like I'm tempting fate carrying it around without a cover.

There are some great color choices. I have Reflection/Graphite (blue/grey) and I have a white iPhone. The white sets off the blue very nicely and in the sun the blue glows around the edge.

I originally thought that this would be a stop gap cover until more options came out. But I really like this one and I think that I may just stop looking. Previously I had a 3GS with an iSkin SOLO cover that I loved and I like this one just as much. For me, a good cover should make the phone easy to grip as well as provide extra coverage in any weak spots while enhancing the aesthetic of the phone and not impeding the use of it. I think that this cover handles all those requirements well.

In the last few weeks, I've purchased 4 cases and tried out a ton of others at the store. In the end, this was my favorite. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn close. First and foremost, it's a sleek, slim case that doesn't feel cheap and doesn't skimp on protection. It was the thinnest case I could find that covered all of the edges (I'm not a fan of the snap-on hard plastic shells as I had one come off when my son picked my phone up off the counter and threw it face down for no reason on the tile floor resulting in a few scratches on the screen) and hence protects against most falls. The wake and volume buttons feel great and are raised the exact right amount so they're easy to find. They are actually made out of the same material as the back rather than the sides, and are thinner than the rest of the wall so as to be flexible. Basically, they are as easy to push as the naked buttons. I'm a big fan of TPU cases like this as they slide in and out of the pocket nicely and don't pick up lint or even oil from your fingers. It won't provide quite as much cushion as some other materials in an impact, but the iPhone 5 is pretty tough (and much lighter than its predecessor so less force to dissipate). I'd actually argue that they could make this case even thinner. All of the cutouts are in the correct place (the beveled cutout for the silence switch is especially nice) and there are no sharp or jagged edges, unlike several other cases I tried. The thin lip over the front of the phone protecting it when you lay it on its face is also beveled towards the screen and makes for very comfortable use of the screen. The case is two-tone, but just barely on this version which is basically black on semi-transparent black. It's not as transparent as it's made to look in the stock photos. That's just fine by me. The only flaw I can really complain about is the size of the cutout for the camera/flash. I'm not sure why they made it so large, and it looks slightly odd. It doesn't detract from the rest of the case in any meaningful way. Going forward, I hope Belkin sticks with this same general design, but it would be nice to get a texture on the sides or back, or give us some better color options. I always end up choosing black because it's the only choice that won't embarrass me at work.

Buy Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue / Overcast) Now

LOVE this case! Just the right thickness doesn't make for a bulky phone. Case doesn't scratch. Colors are great though the back is not as transparent as I expected. Fit is PERFECT. Buttons work great.

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I was actually excited when this came in the mail and immediately put it on my phone.


Unlike other cases, buttons and switches are very easily accessible

It looks sharp, fits well, and is comfortable in the hand

The rear camera hole is big and will not cause any flash distortions


Dull colors (the orange looks faded and almost more of a pink)

Colors are smudged onto the black frame and back in certain areas

The surface does not have any grip (slides right off any surface that isn't flat)

Have seen a bit of coverage and 4G interruption (could be service or could be product interruption/blockage)

I generally like Belkin, but this case is just ok for me.

Want Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue / Overcast) Discount?

I've only had iPhones since the day that Verizon finally got the iPhone 4 and the older version of this case is what I got. Lucky me its perfect and after a couple months shy of being in my pocket, literally around the world and used constantly, my phone is still in perfect condition and is on eBay already up to $190. I've seen about every case there is, it's really trendy in my work place for everyone to show off, argue, and compare their lastest devices and accessories, they,re all usually good/cool, but never the best in all catagories. They are usually really cool, but not functional, or super durable, but bulky or just ridicules. I'm a minimalist, and I like my phone to be simple, thin, lite, clean, and not overly dressed up, and as soon as I got my iPhone 5 last week, I bought this perfect case that has already been proven to me, and my new awesome phone, along with this case and a zag hd is now what I'd say is the best you can have to date. Not only all of that, but this case has actually improved over the previous one I had for my iPhone 4.

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