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Skinit Protective Skin (Fits Latest Generic 10" Laptop/Netbook/Notebook); Brigid Ashwood Firefly (S

Skinit Protective Skin; Brigid Ashwood FireflyI've had it for one and a half years now. It was simple to put on and has shown no signs of coming off. The image is great also.

Would purchase again with NO hesitation.


USB MODEM UTSTARCOM 175 BROADBAND ACCESS PHONE CARD VERIZON CDMALiving out in the sticks, dialup internet access was what I had to live with for ages. When Verizon added a tower that improved my cell phone coverage, I started wondering if it was an option for my PC as well. I'm not an early adopter of new technology and waited until neighbors had tried various options before I was willing to try this service. I've been using an extra phone line for the computer, the removal of which will save me half what this service costs monthly. Still it's an extra thirty bucks, so it has to be worth it to me.

Some neighbors are using the satellite service but aren't completely satisfied. The only negative comment I got about this little modem and the service was that there is a limit on how much access you get--5 gig/mo--which means you won't be downloading movies or playing internet games much, if at all. Since this isn't an issue for me, I decided to give it a try.

It is definitely faster than dialup access even at the fastest dialup modem speed. I use AOL and the TCP/IP connect is about 3-5 times faster, then all that stuff they display loads much faster as well and I can go about my business without waiting for more than a few seconds. That said, the transfer rate doesn't compare with the Comcast speed of my daughter's setup in town. This service is faster than dialup, but not 'blinding' by any means. As an example, in the past when I tried to download something, I noted the transfer rate on dialup was something like 4-6k per second. Sigh!! Things took forever and sometimes wouldn't download at all. I downloaded the update for my Kindle last night with this little modem and noted 50k/sec transfer rate. Certainly a lot better.

The speed does seem to depend on 'how crowded the air waves' are (or however you'd say that in technospeak :) and how many bars you get. I've found the number of bars is the same as what I get on my Verizon cell phone. Where my desktop PC is located, it varies from 0 to 2. I have ordered the antenna in hopes of boosting that.

Installing the little modem is as easy as running the CD installation disk that comes with it and then plugging the modem into a USB port when prompted to do so. It also comes with a cable in case you want to plug into a port on the back of a desktop PC and set the modem somewhere with easier access. You can leave the modem attached all the time if you want. It turns off when you turn the PC off. When on, it flashes a blue light, which means it's ready to pick up a signal. To connect your computer to the broadband service, you use the modem software (push the 'connect' button), which to me, seems to be equivalent to turning your cell phone on (the modem has a phone number). It is then ready for you to 'make a call', i.e. connect to the internet using some software such as Internet Explorer or AOL.

You can leave the modem connected all day like you would leave your cell phone on and not affect the data limit since that only happens when you are connected to and using the internet. If you use the internet with your cell phone, you know there is a data limit with it as well. This is sort of the same thing.

The modem software will show you what your usage is each time you connect so you're aware of what you've used so far. Sending emails, Facebook updates, photos, etc uses part of your allocation, as well as downloading files, photos, etc. Various internet screen refresh activities uses some. Watching streaming video or playing games uses a lot. Listening to internet radio uses enough that you probably won't want to do that all the time. For me, after 5 days of email, Facebook postings, attempting to watch some short videos and listening to the AOL radio one day just to see what impact it would have, plus downloading the Kindle software update, posting a few Amazon reviews, and the like, I've used about 225mg, or about 50mg a day, so I should be able to stay within the limit easily with no change to my regular internet activities.

I still cannot really watch streaming videos such as those on YouTube with my 1-2 bar connectivity, without breaks while it reloads the next bit. Even though it reloads faster than before, I have to want to see it pretty badly to put up with that.

One concern: This morning there seemed to be a problem with the modem connecting to Verizon. It was resolved within half an hour and it is Black Friday, which may or may not have anything to do with it. I will update if that happens again, but otherwise it has connected fast and remained connected without problem.

Bottom line: It is definitely better than dialup--for me about 5 times faster. That's not seriously fast, but acceptable and worth the extra money to me, especially since I don't have any options other than satellite which is affected by weather, trees, and costs more as well.

This modem is practical and fast. The convenience of this modem and the related service is that you can log on to the internet almost anywhere at acceptable speeds. Even in areas with no 3G service, the available Edge/GPRS service is fast enough to surf the web and to download documents at acceptable speeds. Buying the modem separate from the service is convenient because you can sign up for month-to-month service instead of signing up for a 2-year contract that is difficult to get out of. That is, you can terminate service whenever you want. Lastly, if you find that you are not getting a strong enough signal strength, Verizon sells a mini-mount antenna that enhances signal strength. It adds 1-2 bars to the signal in my experience.


Item was bought to provide occasional Internet connectivity for a MacBook Air on week-long trips without Wi-Fi access. As user is my non-tech wife, straightforward operation was a requirement that the UTStarCom 175 fully meets.

Set up was also straightforward. A lesson learned was that if you don't install Verizon Access Manager software prior to plugging the modem into the USB port, you end up with two devices showing on your computer, not one... Although the problem was easily corrected. Activation by Verizon was supported by a knowledgeable and efficient person and took a 15 minute phone call.

Rating is 4 stars due only to fact that this is a 3G, not a 4G, modem. But given it's intended use for email and light web surfing, it's been more than sufficient. And the low modem price, coupled with the $30/week prepaid cost for a data plan, makes this a good buy.


This is the usb modem that I have used for over a year for my Verizon broadband service. I signed a one year contract and paid a little extra for the device. I recommend doing less than a two year contract because the Internet operates very slowly on this network. Late at night it's a little faster; however, mid day it takes forever, like dial up to get pages to load. Save your receipt, because the company claimed to have lost my contract and had me on a two year contract until I faxed them my copy of the contract.

This modem is also easy to break, as mine has broken from moving my laptop around. Also 5 GB is easy to use up if this is your only source of internet use. At 5 GB, if I watch a movie online it pretty much uses up most of the 5 GB.

A few positives are as follows, you never have to worry about being knocked off your network, like with cable and having to go about resetting up your password. It's also very easy to use, does not prevent your use during power outages. Used to be great for on the go internet; however, now most public places offer wifi for free.


This modem is exactly what I need to get nline for my laptop. My other one completely broke and was useless. Thank u

Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI Multi-Media Dock

Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI Multi-Media DockI saw this dock for my Galaxy Tab on the accessory listing where I bought my Tab. The first thing I did was search for it on Amazon to find a cheaper price. I knew what I wanted, so I ordered the dock. I saw some bad reviews, but I decided to hope for the best. I received my dock in fair time and good shape. I had to snap the shaped part on the base and it was ready for use. I use the dock on a daily basis keeping my tablet next to the monitor of my desktop computer. The Galaxy Tab augments what I'm doing on the desktop and I can easily pull the Tab out of the dock and take it with me. I can keep the dock plugged into the desktop computer to charge the Tab when it is shut off. Using the USB port to charge the tablet is not a quick charge, but it will slowly charge the Tab. The bottom line is I will buy this dock again if it ever breaks. I have no con's to say about this item and I use it daily.

I ordered this dock when I ordered this tablet. Unfortunately, the ad does not indicate which Galaxy Tablet it is for nor does the packaging. It was not until it was unwrapped on Christmas that we found it was not the correct one. The ad really needs to be updated. The dock was very nice but just didn't fit. Amazon as always was quick to refund and did not charge to return.

UPDATE: I believe this dock is for the Samsung Galaxy 7.0. However, the packaging on the one I received did not state other than for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Probably because at the time there was not a Galaxy Tablet 10.1. Since I had not received my 10.1 at the time of purchase I was unaware from the photo it would not fit. Also, from other ads online now I also gather there is a Galaxy 7.0 Plus and it has to have a special docking station and I do not know if this will fit that tablet.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI Multi-Media Dock Now

I haven't been able to use this item yet, because NOWHERE in the description does it specify that this item requires an HDMI C to A cord, not just a regular HDMI cord. I purchased a regular HDMI cord to go with it, and now not only to I have a cord I can't use, but I have to wait until I can find and purchase the right cord to use with this item.

POOR DESCRIPTION!! Amazon needs to be more accurate in allowing the proper descriptions for their items.

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I purchased this item to view the Sabres games on my wide screen TV during the Time Warner blackout of the MSG channel. Worked like a charm! The next acquisition will be an HDMI connector so I don't have to get off the couch.

Want Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI Multi-Media Dock Discount?

I couldnt tell from the picture nor the desciption, but this is NOT for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is for the smaller 7" version.

Class 2 USB Bluetooth Adapter (v2.0 + EDR) - UP TO 10M (32.8 FT.) RANGE

Class 2 USB Bluetooth Adapter - UP TO 10M RANGEThe unit worked great once I realized I do not need the provided software. The software is a restricted version and you keep getting reminders to upgrade and at a price :-( Beside, why waste your systems resources if you do not need it.

The good news is that you can simply trash the software. I have tested the hardware with Vista Premium and Vista 64bit home edition. The range is good and the side is small enough not to bump to it :-) I manage to connect Mac wireless keyboard and mouse to my vista with ease.

I highly recommend the hardware and give the software a BIG ZERO.

Good luck,


The actual adapter is technically sound, but the Bluesoleil software is utter garbage. It works less than a quarter of the time. Unfortunately, this unit is not usable with Broadcomm software's Widcomm Bluetooth software, which is generally Universal. This is likely intentional, as Bluesoleil is designed to advertise new versions. Too bad they want you to pay (and handsomely) to update the program, or I'd try a newer version to see if it would work.

My Bluetooth headphones can connect via Widcomm's software 100% of the time. BlueSoleil often won't even load up properly, let alone connect to devices.

While this can be partially averted by using Windows' own native Bluetooth stack, but this only works for certain profiles and only on XP SP2 and Vista. Windows 7 may also support it, but I could not find significant information. Since the main reason I bought this device was that I wanted a Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter with A2DP support, relying on Windows is simply not an option.

This is still a solid transmitter, but the software limits its usefulness. Factoring out A2DP support for streaming stereo audio, there are cheaper alternatives. Dodge anything that relies on BlueSoleil, unless you can get by with the limited profile support Windows itself offers.

Buy Class 2 USB Bluetooth Adapter (v2.0 + EDR) - UP TO 10M (32.8 FT.) RANGE Now

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Nokia E72 - Full Body

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Nokia E72 - Full BodyThe package arrived at the estimated date and in excellent condition. The product installed on the phone gives you true protection and it is completely invisible. The transparency of the plastic makes it practically not noticeable on the cell surface.

BoxWave mini Capacitive Sanyo Zio SCP-8600 Stylus (Jet Black)

BoxWave mini Capacitive Sanyo Zio SCP-8600 StylusI wish it had its soft end smaller in diameter. It saves the screen from being covered with the finger prints, but it's no better than finger tips in precision. A smaller diameter of the soft end would help its precision, I think. The overall design, though, is esthetically pleasing, ergonomic and sturdy.

Save 57% Off

Black Folio PU Leather Holder Case Cover Stand for Lenovo IdeaTab Tablet A2109

Black Folio PU Leather Holder Case Cover Stand for Lenovo IdeaTab Tablet A2109Perfect fit, good quality, great buy! Everything aligns as it should, construction seems very durable and I hope it holds up for a while!

Looks nice, but the biggest issues is that the tablet constantly slides out this does not support the tablet in position well. It will slide out all the time so be careful

Buy Black Folio PU Leather Holder Case Cover Stand for Lenovo IdeaTab Tablet A2109 Now

I searched several local stores for protective covers for my new 9" Lenovo tablet. I had no luck finding anything that was designed for my tablet. I did find that the tablet covers available at local stores are expensive. The folio cover from Nicky's Gift Co., Ltd was very reasonably priced and it fits my Lenovo AT2109 perfectly.

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Fits well for the tablet. It really can protect the tablet when one travels with it. It looks like a very good product for the price.

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