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Black VG Pindar Edition Messenger Bag Carrying Case for Microsoft Surface Windows RT 10.6-inch Clea

Black VG Pindar Edition Messenger Bag Carrying Case for Microsoft Surface Windows RT 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display TabletI got this bag to carry my accessories/charger along with my Microsoft Surface RT. It has done a great job so far and while it has plenty of room and pockets it isn't so big I feel like I'm carrying a laptop.

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Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter

Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone SplitterYou NEED to know volume affected by other headphones!

This is a glaring omission from the product description.

>>> One person turns their headphones down, ALL other headphone volumes go UP!

>>> Unplug one headphone, the others go UP

>>> Turn up the volume of one of the headphones others GO DOWN.

>>> Say you have your computer audio output split into headphones and a home stereo. Turn your headphones down, the home stereo goes UP and vice versa.

Things get really complicated quick the more number of devices you plug in. This isn't the fault of the manufacturer, it is inherent in its passive design. BUT is should be stated clearly so you know before purchase.

I am imagining fights in the backseat of the car when someone turns their volume UP/DOWN to annoy everyone else!

I got my splitter a month ago (or was it a few weeks?) and used it for my speakers and headphones on my Macbook Pro.

The volume doesn't necessarily die out when I plug in and turn on multiple headphones, but I can hear a slight drop in volume (but stereo is still intact), like I put a thin cloth between my ears and my headphone. If I plug in my speakers (which are amplified) there's no drop. So only the un-amplified devices will cause a volume drop (unless my outdated, 14-year old harman/kardon tweeters are somehow working better).

If anyone's interested, the volume drop is because the splitter is taking a single signal and distributing it to many devices in parallel. Since this is unamplified, the current will split unevenly across the devices (because each device has different circuitry and wiring). If you don't want a volume drop, get something like the Upbeat Audio T613-BMC Boostaroo 3 Channel Amplifier & Splitter for an amplified splitter.

Another thing the description doesn't mention is the included 25-inch male to male 3.5mm cable. It lets you split an audio source, and if you plug in both of the male cables to separate sources, you can split TWO signals!

Buy Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter Now

I bought this splitter to use with my iPad in my classroom. I am now able to use my iPad as a learning center with multiple children. The price was much lower than any other price I found as well.

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I'm using this thing backwards; instead of sending audio to multiple receivers, I'm getting audio from multiple devices to a single output, specifically my PC and some game consoles to a monitor which supports only one audio in and out, to which the speakers are plugged in.

I can testify that this actually works, so if you're looking for a cheap, temporary, way to do something like what I am, this will suffice if you're not an audiophile.

The main issue is that the same problem others mention when using it to listen to music with friends also manifests: if I leave, for example, my PC on and try to play XBox, the volume drops quite a bit, and then if I bump the volume up and later switch one or the other off, things are now too loud. This means I can only really have one device on at a time or I manually remove cables, neither of which is exactly convenient. Also, I've noticed that the simple fact that other devices are plugged in (even if off) affects audio clarity, though I only noticed this by playing some music and removing plugs; on its own, I find the clarity satisfactory for my needs.

So, in conclusion, if you're trying to get audio from a bunch of devices for a temporary setup like mine, this little gadget will suit your needs provided you don't expect top-tier audio quality from it. Otherwise, if you're looking for a longer-term solution, a proper switch is probably a better buy.

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This is one nifty product. I had bought y-splitters in the past to split stereo signals. But when I came across this item in Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It is so convenient and the quality is superb. Don't bother running to the RadioShack to buy a y-splitter, get this Belkin splitter instead if you ever is in need of routing your stereo signal to multiple speaker systems.

ps. I wish they make it in black color also. All the stereo cables most people use are black. So a black splitter will blend well with the rest of the cables.

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rooCASE Capacitive (Red) Stylus for Apple iPad with Rentina Display, 4th Generation / iPad 2 / iPad

rooCASE Capacitive Stylus for Apple iPad with Rentina Display, 4th Generation / iPad 2 / iPad 3 / The new iPad / Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7' and 8.9' / Google Nexus 7' and 10' / Asus Transformer PRIME TF201 TF300 TF700 / Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 / Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1'I absolutely love this stylus. It works well and is a great value.

I originally purchased another iPad stylus by Young Life (also found on Amazon). While the stylus served it purpose, the stylus would drag, making handwriting a little slow and difficult. A friend purchased the rooCase stylus and I asked to try it out...what a difference! It's so much smoother, handwriting notes is so fast; and because the stylus tip is reinforced, it doesn't get pushed down over time. Great quality and price.

Buy rooCASE Capacitive (Red) Stylus for Apple iPad with Rentina Display, 4th Generation / iPad 2 / iPad Now

The roocase capacitive stylus has the best look and feel of several I have tried. My only regret is that I didn't know that they also have a stylus that is also a ballpoint pen. Had I known, I would have ordered it instead..

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I have an iPod touch 4th Gen. I'm also an artist, and sometimes I can't always bring a pad and pencil with me. I do have thick fingers, but the touch typing isn't that difficult for me. However, I have been looking for a decent stylus that I can doodle with. I bought one that wasn't too expensive, but it was flat and just a generic stylus. Meh. Then I spent 15 bucks on one specifically marketed as a 'sketch stylus' for ipod and ipad. It totally blew. I saw this stylus on the daily deals and gave it a shot. It is the BEST stylus I've ever tried. It has a plastic/rubber tip (instead of that weird foam type tip), and it's very sensitive. I can draw with not only minimal pressure, but can actually get surprisingly tight detail given the workspace. I haven't even tried it for typing yet, but I'd imagine it'd be excellent given it's accuracy and sensitivity. I think this stylus would be worth it at twice the price easily.

Want rooCASE Capacitive (Red) Stylus for Apple iPad with Rentina Display, 4th Generation / iPad 2 / iPad Discount?

Increases text and typing time by at least 50%. Headphone insert protects iphone/ipad from accidental water entrance due to rain, perspiration, or humidity (like in the bathroom), in addition to keeping the stylus handy. Protects screen from scrathes. Simply an ingenious product. The only reason not a 5 star is the connecting cord too short . . . no problem though, got some fishing line and made it longer allowing the headphone insert to remain in place while I use the stylus . . . superb product and at a right price . . .

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BlackBerry Polishing Cloth

BlackBerry Polishing ClothYou don't think someone would get this excited about a microfiber cleaning cloth, but this is a simply amazing piece of fabric. All my fingerprints on my PlayBook are gone in a couple of swipes WITHOUT water or any kind of cleaning solution where others take 4-5 minutes of buffering with water to get anywhere near what this cloth achieves. Highly recommended for any electronics product.

Cheap technology!

Used the one included with my work phone to clean the screen on my laptop and realized that I needed more than one.

The price (and shipping)for several of them was more than reasonable, (dare I say cheap?) and they are small, don't require an extra liquid, and are easy to pack with the units that need them.

We use these cloths on a Kindle Fire screen, three laptops, and two cell phones; (all fingerprint magnets)

no scratching!

Buy BlackBerry Polishing Cloth Now

I received my order quickly. The product works great on my Playbook and BlackBerry Torch. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

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It does say blackberry on it but it's not as nice as my original that came with my tablet. It's just a bit bigger than a deck of ca rds. It's so small, it makes very hard to use. I definitely would NOT reccommend this to anyone...

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Definitely one of my favorite accessories! It just gets the job done and lord knows with today's touchscreen technology, a cleaning cloth is essential! Plus it gives that mini pocket on your jeans a job ;)

Bluetooth Headset Fixer ≫ 2 Padded Adjustable Hx1 "Unbreakable" Ear Hook Replacement, Compatable

Bluetooth Headset Fixer ≫ 2 Padded Adjustable Hx1 'Unbreakable' Ear Hook Replacement, Compatable With: Motorola Hx1 Endeavor, Jabra Extreme / 8040 / 4010/ 2050/ Nokia N95 / Bh320 Samsung Wep 450 / 460 / 470 / 475 / 170 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 500 / Nokia Bh-804 Headset, Bh902, Bh 800, Bh 105, Bh 216, Bh 104, Sound Id 400, Sound Id, 500, 501, 510, 512 Made in USA Gadgetbrat TmVery well made, sturdy ear hooks. Don't fit the Jabra II headset I purchased it for, but fits other two bluetooth headsets I own. Seller was very nice when I asked for a refund, but I changed my mind.

My husband lost the original clip that came with his Jabra Bluetooth. This is a great replacement. I actually think that this one is better than the original. The original was stiff, this one is very flexible but holds well. Also, this one, the U shaped hook rotates where the original was stationary. Very comfy and useful product.

Buy Bluetooth Headset Fixer ≫ 2 Padded Adjustable Hx1 "Unbreakable" Ear Hook Replacement, Compatable Now

I've found the standard bluetooth ear pieces to be pretty flimsy. I have already dropped these a few times and they are still going.

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this product was much better then i expected

it does not turn but it holds the ear pice in better.

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The product met my needs. I liked everyhting about it. Would recomment it to a friend that I see regularly.

Empire RLI-005-2 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Wireless Mouse Battery to Replace Logitech L-LB2

Empire RLI-005-2 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Wireless Mouse Battery to Replace Logitech L-LB2
  • Remote Control Battery
  • Remote Control Batteries

The rechargeable battery in my old logitech laser mouse wasn't holding a charge as long as it used to. Didn't want to buy a whole new mouse so I decided to replace the battery. Worked out great. Only issue I can think of is that this battery is slightly smaller than the original logitech battery that was in the mouse but that wasn't that big of a problem. Just ended up taping it down so the battery wouldn't move and screwed the mouse closed. Works great.

Buy Empire RLI-005-2 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Wireless Mouse Battery to Replace Logitech L-LB2 Now

Works well, great price.Arrived timely. Recommend to anyone needing a replacement battery. It sure beats buying a new Logitech mouse.

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I have had my MX1000 for many years and when it wouldn't take a charge anymore I tried to find a replacement, wow! The ones I could find were very pricey, this was a quick easy cost effective way to put new life in my mouse. Thanks for having these. Your mouse will thank you for it . :-)

Want Empire RLI-005-2 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Wireless Mouse Battery to Replace Logitech L-LB2 Discount?

Battery works perfectly with mouse. I have had no issues with it, and it is going on months of use. Fully charges, and takes the same amount of time to discharge as the battery which was original to the mouse.


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Great replacement battery. I has the proper connector so there is no need to solder or rig a connection. It took under 10 minutes to replace the original. super easy. Battery charge lasts over a week. The battery came fully charged, which was nice.

Targus CityGear Netbook Case for up to 10.2 Inch Netbooks- Black and Grey TSM097US

Targus CityGear Netbook Case for up to 10.2 Inch Netbooks- Black and Grey TSM097USWhile I have a case for my iPad 2, I wanted a satchel or bag to carry it around while I'm not using it. My requirements were as follows:

* It must protect the iPad from drops and impact.

* It must have a latching top or zipper.

* It must have padded separators so I can carry my Apple Wireless Keyboard alongside the iPad.

* It must be wide enough to handle the Apple Wireless Keyboard (11.2").

* It must be smaller than a standard laptop bag.

* It must have a shoulder strap AND a handle to make carrying the bag easier (i.e. no "sleeves")

* It must look nondescript, and not advertise "Hey! I've got expensive gadgets! Come mug me!"

* It must NOT look like a purse, or compromise my manhood in any way.

* It must be lightweight.

* It can't be from Belkin (I have had way too many problems with Belkin merchandise).

* I'm not paying over $30 for it, either.

I looked around for a while, and tried a few different bags and carrying cases. I finally settled on the Targus CityGear, which fulfilled almost all of my requirements. SwissGear had a nice case, but they didn't have a shoulder strap or handle on it. Most other companies seemed to focus on padded sleeves, or jumped right up to cases for 15" laptops.

The CityGear fits my iPad snugly (even with the Targus 360 case on it), provides ample protection, doesn't add a lot of weight, gives me an adjustable shoulder strap, and is just wide enough to fit an Apple Wireless Keyboard. The build quality is quite acceptable, and the price was right.

It turns out that at this price point, there was nothing else that fit my requirements so well. The closest contenders were all built without shoulder straps, unless I wanted to get a pretty purple thing that looked like a purse for a teenage girl. Targus once again fits the bill for the men who want to carry what is essentially a purse, but don't want it to *look* like it.

Hey, it's a changing world! How else am I going to carry around my gadgets? I can cope with carrying the CityGear. It's more "satchel" than "purse" and has all the features an iPad or netbook owner might need.

I had been looking for a small messenger bag that could fit both my iPad and the wireless Apple bluetooth keyboard for a while now. Everything I had seen previously was too small to fit both (even with the iPad with no case), or was just too big or way too wide. I had been eying this bag for a while, and decided to give it a try. It's perfect! It is a well constructed, attractive bag. It is definitely big enough for the iPad AND the Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, even with my iPad in a leather folio case. There's even enough extra space for accessories, without the bag feeling like its become cumbersome or "bulky".

Overall, I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a great messenger bag for their iPad.

Buy Targus CityGear Netbook Case for up to 10.2 Inch Netbooks- Black and Grey TSM097US Now

I purchased this bag for my Asus 1002HA netbook. I looked at several other bags including the neoprene cases popular on Amazon and elsewhere. This bag fit my needs best an all purpose netbook bag that can be used for business travel and storage.

The bag is well designed and the construction quality is superb. Padding is fine throughout and it features a divided sleeve compartment for the netbook and external DVD or hard drive, as well as a spacious front pocket area for a few accessories. There are also a couple of zippered pockets for flat items. Unlike many of the neoprene cases, which tend to be very tight, my netbook fits inside the Citygear bag perfectly. The computer is easily accessed, slides in an out without fear of scratching, but is also held securely.

The bag is very compact and lightweight. It's hard to complain about space in a bag designed for a netbook, but I wish it provided a little more room for the power brick and cord. I can get it in the front pocket, but it fills it up. Adding an external DVD drive for travel presents a bit of a problem. You can do it, but the bag really feels overfilled at that point, and I would fear something might get crushed. With all this gear, throwing in a couple of other things like an ipod and camera is out of the question.

Bottom line: I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could. It's as good as it gets for its size and I would buy it again, even with the space constrictions. If you frequently travel with external drives or lots of accessories you might want to consider something larger. But for traveling with just the netbook, mouse, and power supply, this bag is outstanding.

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I bought my Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life with a neoprene sleeve (also a Targus) to protect it. I felt initially that I could keep it in my backpack which has a padded section for a laptop. This worked quite well for a few days, then I began to worry that my rather heavy nursing books might put too much pressure on the Netbook. I looked at and bought this case for several reasons:

It fits the NC10 VERY well even the sleeve had a bit of wiggle room, but the fit with this case is snug, but not too binding.

The case feels like its quality the handle and shoulder strap feel durable and able to put up with some abuse. THe bag is also nicely padded.

The case, unlike the sleeve, has compartments for the AC power brick, cable, USB Flash drives, and miscellaneous papers. I can also put my Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks (Scarlet Red) in the mesh pouch nicely.

It looks nice It's dark gray and black with some yellow highlights. Very tasteful, and works well on a casual as well as a professional level.

I may play with this case for a bit to see if I like carrying it with my backpack to and from school. One thing I DISLIKE about the case is that the shoulder strap is not removable. I would prefer to carry it like a suitcase while wearing my backpack. The strap gets in the way in tight quarters, but in some situations, you can hang it on a chair back to keep it out of the way.

Overall high quality and very functional messenger bag for my Samsung netbook. Not perfect for everyone, but it does a lot right. Recommended.

Want Targus CityGear Netbook Case for up to 10.2 Inch Netbooks- Black and Grey TSM097US Discount?

I have been looking around to find a good mean to carry my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet around and its Keyboard/Docking Station but not necessarily always docked. Most netbook carrying bag only have one padded compartment to put the netbook. I was looking for one which had two sections so that I can leave them undocked to quickly pull the tablet alone quickly (as opposed to pull the docked tablet, undock and then put the keyboard back in the bag).

Last weekend, I brought my Transformer and the keyboard dock and went shopping around for that perfect bag. I found the Targus CityGear Mini (TSM148US) and tried it. The form factor was definitively what I was looking for but one of sub-sections was a little tight. I still decided that it would work for me and that it might strech a little over time. Then, when I looked on Amazon, I saw that there was this model, the Targus CityGear Netbook Case for up to 10.2 Inch Netbooks (TSM097US), which had pretty much the same specs but was cheaper (always a good thing). So, I decided to try it.

I received today and quickly opened it. It is pretty much the same as the one I tried last weekend but the two sub-compartments are bigger. So, no need to strech them and they work out of the box. It is a great way to carry my tablet docked or not to the keyboard. The side pockets of the bag also offer enouch space to carry the charger (it is pretty small anyway) and also my Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand (great stand for this tablet BTW).

So, all-in-all, I highly recommend this tablet. I had been searching for recommendations for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and did not find anything that stroke me. This is why I thought of writting this detailed review (and I will post pictures) for my fellow Transformer owners!

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